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Elevate your iOS device management with imobie PhoneClean Pro, a powerful and comprehensive solution designed to optimize the performance and storage of your iPhone or iPad. This advanced software goes beyond traditional cleaning tools, offering a suite of features that enable users to declutter their devices, enhance privacy, and boost overall system efficiency. Whether you’re dealing with unnecessary files, privacy concerns, or seeking to reclaim valuable storage space, PhoneClean Pro empowers you to take control of your iOS experience with ease and precision.

Explore the extensive features and system requirements that make imobie PhoneClean Pro the go-to solution for iOS device optimization:


1. Deep Cleaning Technology

Utilize advanced algorithms to conduct a thorough analysis and cleaning of your iOS device, targeting hidden and residual files to free up valuable storage space.

2. Privacy Protection

Ensure the security of your personal data with privacy protection features that securely delete sensitive information, such as call history, messages, and other confidential data, leaving no trace behind.

3. App Management

Efficiently manage your apps with the ability to batch uninstall unwanted apps, clear app caches, and remove associated files, streamlining your device for optimal performance.

4. Media Cleanup

Organize and clean up your media files, including photos, videos, and music, with the option to selectively delete or compress large files, optimizing storage usage.

5. Internet Cleaning

Remove traces of your internet browsing activities, such as cookies, caches, and temporary files, safeguarding your privacy and ensuring a faster browsing experience.

6. System Optimization

Optimize your iOS system by disabling unnecessary background processes and services, enhancing overall performance and responsiveness.

System Requirements

Operating System

PhoneClean Pro is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, providing flexibility for users across different platforms.


For Windows, a Pentium IV processor or above is recommended, while macOS users should have an Intel processor. Additionally, a minimum of 512 MB RAM is required for efficient operation.


Ensure you have at least 100 MB of free space on your hard drive for the installation of PhoneClean Pro and any temporary files generated during the cleaning process.

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