Folder Marker Pro 4.5.1 Crack + Activated 2024

Welcome to Folder Marker Pro 4.5.1

Folder Marker Pro 4.5.1 is a powerful and intuitive software designed to enhance your file management experience by providing a convenient way to customize and organize your folders. With this versatile tool, users can easily differentiate and categorize folders using a variety of color-coded and image-coded icons. Whether you are managing a large number of folders for work, projects, or personal files, Folder Marker Pro offers a visually intuitive solution for quick identification and organization. The software seamlessly integrates into the Windows Explorer interface, making it effortless to apply and manage folder markers. Say goodbye to monotonous and generic folder icons – Folder Marker Pro empowers you to personalize your file structure, improving navigation and efficiency in handling your digital assets.

Explore the extensive features of Folder Marker Pro 4.5.1, providing a comprehensive set of tools for customizing and organizing your folders. The software supports an extensive array of colors and icons, allowing users to choose from a variety of options to suit their preferences and categorization needs. With the ability to mark folders by priority, status, and type, Folder Marker Pro facilitates a systematic approach to file management. Users can also add custom icons and overlay images to folders, ensuring a personalized and visually appealing organization system. Compatible with Windows operating systems, Folder Marker Pro is a must-have for individuals and professionals seeking an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution for managing their digital files.

Key Features:

1. Color-Coded Folder Marking

Enables color-coded folder marking for easy visual identification and organization of folders based on user-defined categories.

2. Image-Coded Folder Marking

Supports image-coded folder marking, allowing users to assign custom icons and overlay images to folders for personalized and visually appealing organization.

3. Priority and Status Marking

Facilitates marking folders by priority, status, and type, providing users with a systematic approach to file organization and management.

4. Custom Icon Support

Allows users to add custom icons to folders, ensuring a high degree of personalization in the folder marking process.

5. Overlay Image Options

Provides overlay image options for folder icons, giving users the flexibility to enhance folder visuals with custom images and graphics.

6. Windows Integration

Seamlessly integrates into the Windows Explorer interface, making it easy to apply and manage folder markers directly within the familiar file management environment.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP


1 GHz processor or equivalent


512 MB RAM or higher

Hard Disk Space:

20 MB of free space

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