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Welcome to Graitec Advance Suite 2024

Embark on a new era of structural engineering and design excellence with Graitec Advance Suite 2024, a state-of-the-art software solution that empowers engineers and architects to innovate and optimize their projects. Graitec Advance Suite is renowned for its comprehensive set of tools, covering the entire structural design and detailing process. From conceptualization to detailing and analysis, the suite offers an integrated and efficient workflow that caters to the diverse needs of construction professionals. Graitec Advance Suite 2024 is equipped with advanced features and technologies to ensure the creation of structurally sound, code-compliant, and visually impressive buildings and infrastructure. Stay ahead of the curve and elevate your projects with the power and precision of Graitec Advance Suite 2024.

Unlock the full potential of Graitec Advance Suite 2024 to access an array of cutting-edge features. Benefit from powerful BIM capabilities that facilitate collaborative workflows, enabling seamless coordination between architectural and engineering teams. The suite includes tools for structural analysis, reinforcement detailing, and structural fabrication, ensuring a comprehensive solution for every aspect of the structural design process. With support for various design codes and standards, including Eurocodes, AISC, and more, Graitec Advance Suite 2024 ensures compliance with global regulations. Experience efficiency and accuracy with advanced features such as automatic drawing generation, clash detection, and 4D simulation. Take your structural projects to new heights with Graitec Advance Suite 2024, the ultimate solution for modern and intelligent structural engineering.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive BIM Capabilities

Enjoy powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities for collaborative workflows, facilitating seamless coordination between architectural and engineering teams.

2. Structural Analysis and Design

Access advanced tools for structural analysis and design, ensuring the creation of structurally sound and code-compliant buildings and infrastructure.

3. Reinforcement Detailing

Streamline the reinforcement detailing process with tools that automate the generation of accurate and detailed reinforcement drawings.

4. Structural Fabrication

Facilitate the structural fabrication process with features that enhance accuracy and efficiency in the creation of structural elements.

5. Code Compliance

Ensure compliance with global design codes and standards, including Eurocodes, AISC, and more, to meet regulatory requirements for your structural projects.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 10 (64-bit)


Intel or AMD processor with at least 2.5 GHz


16 GB RAM or more

Graphics Card:

Graphics card with DirectX 11 support

Hard Disk Space:

50 GB of free space

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